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Introducing Braydon Schroder, STAMP participants participating in the upcoming IFAMA 2024 World Conference agribusiness

21 May, 2024

The Agrifood Management Programme for Strategic Thinking (STAMP) is an AGMARDT (The Agricultural and Marketing Research and Development Trust) funded project that expedites the growth of #skills and enhances sector knowledge among our aspiring #agrifood leaders, empowering them to effectively apply these capabilities. STAMP is organized by FoodHQ, with academic support from Massey University

Ten of our STAMP participants will be participating in the upcoming IFAMA 2024 World Conference agribusiness-specific Global Student Case Competition — the only one of its kind globally — providing students and their universities a world stage to showcase future #primarysector leaders.

This year our participants will be heading off to the beautiful Almería, in Southern Spain, (17-20 June).
As we head towards the event we will be show-casing some of our outstanding STAMP participants.

Introducing Braydon Schroder and his remarkable journey within our cohort.

Braydon Schroder is a Farm Supervisor, Consultant and Shareholder of Perrin Ag Consultants Ltd and owns both a dairy and beef cattle stud called Opal Genetics.

STAMP will help me advance my networks, #critical and #strategicthinking, along with #decisionmaking skills via the competitive business case analysis approach. This is a milestone towards achieving my goal to increasingly add value and make a meaningful contribution to the #agrifood sector.
I am thrilled to wholeheartedly immerse myself in the enriching IFAMA experience in Spain. I am especially eager to forge connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds during the conference and EU tour, seeking to comprehend both the shared and distinctive challenges and #opportunities they encounter. I firmly believe that the exchange of ideas among individuals with diverse perspectives holds the key to crafting more comprehensive and #innovative solutions.

I am fizzing to explore the MAAVI Biotechnology Innovation Centre, especially given its current integration of AI for expediting development. I look forward to drawing comparisons with biotech labs I have visited in Brazil and Canada, examining the evolution and #advancements in this rapidly evolving field.