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Strategic Thinking in Agrifood Management Programme

The Strategic Thinking for Agriculture Management Programme (STAMP) is a transformative initiative designed to enhance strategic skills and industry awareness within the agri-food sector through Harvard Business School style case study analysis.

By leveraging the proven effectiveness of the Case Study method, STAMP empowers future leaders in agriculture to grasp local and global challenges and craft effective strategies to tackle them. Through workshops, site visits, and discussions with industry experts, participants gain valuable insights and networking opportunities to drive innovation and leadership in New Zealand’s agri-food sector.

STAMP is a valuable platform for emerging young leaders to connect, learn, and shape the future of agriculture management.

Case Study Competitions

Each year, a sub-set of the participants in the programme also get an opportunity to join the International Food and Agribusiness Management (IFAMA) International Conference and case study competition.

Joining the IFAMA competition allows participants to become exposed to international trends and markets in food and agri-business management. This is a chance to expand knowledge and global networks, while deepening analytical and strategic skills.

STAMP is organized by FoodHQ, with academic support from Massey University’s Professor Nicola Shadbolt and Senior Lecturer Elena Garnevska.

How to apply to join STAMP

To apply to join the STAMP programme download an application form and submit this, together with your CV to:

Applications need to be submitted by July 31st each year and will be considered in August. The new cohort joins the programme in late September each year.

STAMP Alumni

We have a growing cohort of STAMP alumni who have successfully completed the Strategic Thinking for Agriculture Management Programme (STAMP). These alumni have participated in workshops, case study analyses, site visits, and discussions aimed at enhancing their strategic thinking skills and industry awareness within the agri-food sector. As graduates of the program, STAMP alumni are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and networks to drive innovation, leadership, and positive change in the agricultural industry. They form a community of experienced professionals who continue to contribute to the advancement and sustainability of the agri-food sector in New Zealand.