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Introducing Loamé Kok (Van Zyl), STAMP participants participating in the upcoming IFAMA 2024 World Conference agribusiness

29 May, 2024

The Agrifood Management Programme for Strategic Thinking (STAMP) is an AGMARDT (The Agricultural and Marketing Research and Development Trust) funded project that expedites the growth of #skills and enhances sector knowledge among our aspiring #agrifood leaders, empowering them to effectively apply these capabilities. STAMP is organized by FoodHQ, with academic support from Massey University

Ten of our STAMP participants will be participating in the upcoming IFAMA 2024 World Conference agribusiness-specific Global Student Case Competition — the only one of its kind globally — providing students and their universities a world stage to showcase future #primarysector leaders.

This year our participants will be heading off to the beautiful Almería, in Southern Spain, (17-20 June).
As we head towards the event we will be show-casing some of our outstanding STAMP participants.

Introducing Loamé Kok (Van Zyl) and her remarkable journey within our cohort.

Loamé Kok (Van Zyl), a consultant at AbacusBio, has actively participated in our Strategic Thinking in Agrifood Management Programme (STAMP) for the past two years. Developed with AGMARDT, STAMP enhances strategicskills and sector awareness through intensive case studies.

Reflecting on the experience, Loamé shares: “Being part of STAMP has been incredible. The mentorship and opportunities from FoodHQ and AGMARDT have been crucial for my growth. Competing in last year’s IFAMA competition in Christchurch was transformative, allowing me to apply my skills globally and learn from diverse perspectives.”

Coming from a farming background in rural South Africa, Loame brings a unique perspective to the agribusiness sector: “Growing up on a farm in rural South Africa instilled in me a deep understanding of agriculture and the challenges faced by farmers. This background fuels my passion for sustainable and innovative agribusiness solutions.”
Looking forward to Almeria, Loamé hopes to gain deeper insights into sustainable foodproduction, technological advancements, and innovative business models: “This conference is an excellent platform to learn from global leaders, share our experiences, and bring back valuable insights to New Zealand.”

At AbacusBio, Loame focuses on strategic advice, economic and geneticanalysis, and developing sustainable solutions to enhance productivity and profitability alongside a world-class team of experts: “My work bridges research and practical application, aiming to create value for our clients and contribute to the broader agribusiness community.”