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Our Strategy

FoodHQ’s position as New Zealand’s leading hub of food and food production researchers is rooted in its dedication to nurturing innovation and collaboration.
Partnering with like-minded organizations, FoodHQ is focused on developing pioneering solutions to address the challenges confronting the food industry. By staying at the forefront of research, science, and innovation, our partners are poised to deliver outcomes that are essential for adapting to the changing requirements of society and securing a sustainable future for food production.

To connect food innovators

FoodHQ will be Aotearoa New Zealand’s best networked food innovation community, encompassing industry, researchers, education, iwi and government to reduce competition.
To achieve this FoodHQ will:

  • Create opportunities to discuss critical issues affecting the delivery of food science in New Zealand and globally
  • Facilitate conversations across the partnership to identify strengths and harness the diversity to avoid duplication
  • Promote Palmerston North as a food innovation friendly city
  • Work alongside New Zealand Food Innovation Network (NZFIN) and support them to connect with the national food innovation ecosystem
  • Grow the impact of Emerging Foods New Zealand

To drive change

FoodHQ will leverage our unique expertise in building and sharing knowledge to grow New Zealand’s food innovation ecosystem and food industry.
To achieve this FoodHQ will:

  • Undertake advocacy and provide information to policy makers, industry and researchers
  • Act as a clearing house for data and knowledge related to food innovation and share that knowledge across the food innovation ecosystem
  • Grow and implement the Strategic Thinking in Agrifood Management Programme
  • Bring together the food industry on an annual basis

To catalyse food innovation

FoodHQ will accelerate innovation for the food industry in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally by making connections to help solve material problems and identify new opportunities.
To achieve this FoodHQ will:

  • Form communities around key topics to advance conversations, share knowledge and leverage synergies.
  • Share thought leadership and insights on important topics.
  • Cooperate to build postgraduate study options in the food industry.
  • Coordinate education, industry, and FoodHQ partners in the development of virtual food innovation.

Emerging Foods New Zealand

Emerging Foods New Zealand (EFNZ), formerly Emerging Proteins New Zealand is a community that seeks to accelerate the development of a thriving emerging foods sector in New Zealand. Our members span the sector from growing and producing food through to manufacturing, retailing and exporting it. Members are encouraged to share knowledge, get connected with the right expertise and facilities and work together on common projects.

The Future of Food Platform

Growing, producing and innovating food will become more difficult with increasing extreme weather events impacting growing conditions, changing sustainability demands of consumers concerned with greenhouse gas emissions and the anticipated population growth up to 10 billion people.

Strategic Thinking in Agri-Food Management Programme

The Strategic Thinking for Agriculture Management Programme (STAMP) is a project that accelerates the development of key strategic skills and broader agri-food sector awareness using Harvard Business School style case study analysis.