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Tag: Future of Food

Future of food – gene genius

The article is written in collaboration with Vincent Heeringa, based on interviews with John Caradus, Joanne Hort, Richard Newcomb, Revel Drummond, and Peter Cook. It considers the threat and opportunity of gene technology to New Zealand’s food and fibre industry, presenting our arguments clearly for all to read. It is timely to launch this when there is so much chatter on where changes in regulations are likely to land over coming months. Our point here is to make regulations proportionate to risk. Working on behalf of a partnership is really powerful when we can share knowledge and insights...

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Riches in Niches: How well is the New Zealand food sector innovating to meet global demand?

Where New Zealand used to have a few big companies exporting a handful of products, now thousands of entrepreneurs are exporting hundreds of brands, often with the help of contract packers and online channels Is our food sector slow to adapt? New Zealand companies still don’t scale fast, and few are investing in consumer research Marketing is expensive and our companies generally don’t have the budgets to connect directly with the end consumer in export markets. That makes our business-tobusiness (B2B) relationships crucial ...

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